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In the game -FLICKING TABLE SOCCER- (original game name), the player must use finger movements or the computer mouse to control table soccer (tabletop) players and score goals.

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Game Information

In -FLICKING TABLE SOCCER-, you have to command table football players as if you were in a virtual foosball match. The game is an old mini-computer game that combines elements of table football with touch controls and flicking. The gameplay involves using the mouse or touchscreen to flick the players, making them move around the table and kick the ball towards the opponent's goal. The objectives are to score goals and prevent the opponent from scoring in your goal. The match is usually timed, and the winner is the one who scores the most goals within the time limit. The graphics and game environments are usually simple and depict a traditional foosball table. The specific developers and publishers may vary, as the game may have been produced by different creators over time. In some cases, the game can be customized with specific teams and themes, allowing players to choose from different table styles and players. In -FLICKING TABLE SOCCER-, you have the task of using flicking skills to control the players and compete in virtual table football matches, scoring goals and having fun with fast-paced and challenging action.

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TableSoccer YouTube 2


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Curiosities about Tabletop Soccer (Football) and Subbuteo

Table football or tabletop, also known as -Subbuteo- in some regions, is a fascinating game that combines skill, strategy, and a passion for soccer. Let's explore some interesting facts about this captivating game and the peculiarities that make it unique: Historical Origins: Table football has its roots in the early 20th century, and the name -Subbuteo- was registered as a trademark in 1947 by its creator, Peter Adolph. The name was inspired by the -peregrine falcon- (Falco Subbuteo), known for its agile and swift movements. Regional Varieties: In different parts of the world, the game is known by various names such as -Table Soccer-, -Table Football-, -Foosball-, -Futbolín-, -Totó-, and, of course, -Subbuteo-. Each region has developed its own variation and rules for the game over time. Thematic Collections: Table football enthusiasts often collect customized thematic sets. There are special editions with real football teams, allowing players to recreate classic matches or create new miniature rivalries. Precise Rules: Subbuteo has detailed and specific rules governing gameplay, including how players should move the miniatures and kick the ball. This adds a strategic and skill element to the game, making it more than just a simple pastime. Prestigious Competitions: There are high-level competitions dedicated to table football, with national and international championships. Professional players practice intensely to compete in tournaments such as the Subbuteo World Cup. Art of the Setting: Besides being a game, table football can also be seen as a form of art. Enthusiasts often create custom settings, recreating famous stadiums and memorable football scenes. Technological Innovations: With the advancement of technology, electronic versions of table football have emerged, using sensors and electronics to track movements and scores. This adds a modern dimension to the traditional game. Active Community: Table football has an active global community with online forums, discussion groups, and dedicated clubs. Players often share tips, tricks, and stories, strengthening the bonds among enthusiasts. Diversity of Tables: There are different types of table football tables, varying in size, style, and complexity. From toy tables for children to professional competition tables, there is a variety that caters to all ages and skill levels. Timeless Fun: Table football, or Subbuteo, endures through the decades as an endless source of enjoyment for people of all ages. It's a game that brings generations together and continues to delight soccer fans and skill game enthusiasts worldwide. Therefore, in summary, table football and Subbuteo are much more than just tabletop games. They are an expression of passion for soccer, manual skill, and creativity, uniting people of all ages and backgrounds around a fun and captivating pastime.

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